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Television Sales And Services

The use of TV is the necessity of the modern life. This is such an aspect which forms to be a source of information, as well as, entertainment. Now, as it is an electrical appliance so, needless to say, that there will be times when this equipment which shows signs of disturbances. If that happens with your Television set, then you need to take the help of the experts.

The experts are those who can help you to Repair your set in a perfect way. They are trained and thus they know the equipment in a proper manner. We, at New Tech Services, present you with a high-quality of service regarding your equipment. We have excellent skilled team who can deal with any kind of tv with absolute ease.

Air Conditioner

Providing quality services and troubleshooting the issues related to air conditioner demands high level of focus and attention as everything is linked to a system or process. Our expertise in taking up tough challenges and our focus towards our customer delight have lead us to start Nathmal electronics in Chennai. We provide Sales and quality repairing service in Chennai for air conditioners of any brand.

Hi-Fi Systems & DVD Players

Hi Fi systems are home audio units designed for playing music through speakers. While it is possible to purchase the components separately, they are also available as complete systems.

DVD Players are one of the great electronic devices that entertain many people. What's more, they occupy the hearts of everyone from youngsters to elders alike. They help in playing the latest DVDs and let you watch your favourite videos and films. With the advent of technology, DVD Players have better features in comparison to the old models. Today, they are very smartly designed and come in compact shapes. Not only are those, the newly developed devices such as DVD players with USB technologically advanced. They can play the music and video files from your storage devices, such as pen drives or memory cards. The Blu-ray player is another great invention of the century that plays great videos in the latest formats.

Mobile phones sales and service

Nowadays, everybody owns a mobile phone. The popularity of mobile phones has increased considerably over the last decade. These days many people also check their work emails and browse through the Internet on their mobile phones. Mobile phones play a huge role in letting you connect with the whole world. The latest mobile phones available today come with various innovative features that allows you to listen to your favourite music, watch movies and play games at leisure. They offer high-end cameras that help you to shoot superb quality photos easily. Nathmal electronics brings you an extensive range of high-end mobile phones that are loaded with entertainment features for an amazing experience. Also our trained technicians will repair your mobile phone or tablet device quickly & efficiently, keeping you informed all the way.

Digital camera

Cameras are the best devices to capture a memorable moment. Today, with a wide range of digital cameras, SLRs and point and shoot cameras available in the market, one can easily get high-resolution pictures with world class image quality. While professional photographers are spoilt for choice with a range of high quality SLRs offered by Canon, Nikon, Sony or Olympus, amateurs can select for an equally good range of light weight digital cameras from Fujifilm, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and more.

Our repair process is fast and easy, and we guarantee it. Our Repair Status Lookup feature allows you to view the progress of your camera repair to keep you informed - it's just like having a repair shop on the corner!

LCD Projectors

We provide repair services and cleaning services for all multimedia projectors: digital LCD projectors and digital DLP projectors. We repair all types of computer portable projectors, 3D projectors, home video - home theater projectors, conference projectors and classroom projectors.

Our technicians have years of experience in diagnosing and fixing projectors problems. If you are having problems with your projector like no power, no projection, power on but lamp will not turn on, image discoloration, black or white dots, vertical or horizontal lines, connection ports problems (HDMI, DVI, VGA & Video) or overheating which are the most common projector problems we can repair it at our service center.

Bring your projector to us for evaluation by our specialists. We also provide projector maintenance services, which include complete cleaning of the inside & outside elements, fans and air filters, lenses as well as testing and restoring projectors to manufactory settings.

Currency counting machines

Nathmal electronics ingenuity and dedication has worked with every type business to successfully process and manage its money. Our currency counting machines are reliable and consistent performance even for the notes with poor quality.

Capitalizing on our experience and excellent reputation in the field of money handling, the machines are designed to continually provide the superior performance demanded and expected by every operator of the equipment.